In The Classroom

DIPL is written for classroom use. The explicit nature of the program allows success for all learners.

Online Learning

DIPL is evolving in line with 21st century teaching practices and 21st century learners.


DIPL continues to help students improve in their literacy skills.

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DIPL makes teaching the ABCs as easy as 123!

DIPL is a school based literacy program, written for classroom use.

DIPL, in line with the national English curriculum, 
‘aims to develop students’ knowledge of language and literature and to consolidate and expand their literacy skills’.

DIPL’s logical and systematic approach to reading, writing and spelling, means that all students can benefit...
 struggling students can learn to develop ‘tools’ that help them,
while more able students enjoy finding out why words and sentences are like they are,
 and can then transfer this knowledge and understanding to more widespread situations.


Over 200 Schools across Australia use DIPL
here is what they have to say...

With its strong emphasis on phonemic awareness, the DIPL program has provided our students with the knowledge and confidence to encode and decode unfamiliar words.

Ian McKinlay, Acting Assistant Principal
Donvale Primary School, Victoria